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What to expect

During the initial consultation, an assessment will be made of the issue presented. Using the latest researched techniques in neuro-science, I will help you to understand the mind’s vital role in enabling you to regain control of areas of your life you may have previously thought were out of control. An assessment will also be made as to how many future sessions you may need, together with a treatment plan.


The type of treatment I offer tends to be fairly short compared to other types of treatment. I typically see clients for anything from 3-10 sessions, depending on the issue.


You will be given a short recording to listen to every day as part of your treatment, which will reinforce progress.


The initial consultation typically lasts 40-60 minutes.


I also offer Zoom sessions.

Sessions are generally broken up into two parts. The first part involves us discussing brain functions and practical science based techniques to combat unwanted symptoms, which will help you to regain control. This typically lasts 45 minutes.


The second part of the session involves implementing those changes at a subconscious level using hypnosis. This is an extremely relaxing process and typically lasts for 15 minutes.

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